How to Measure a Pool Table

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If you are planning to buy a new pool table, move your existing one to a new space, replace the felt, or buy a new cover for it, something that you will need to know how to do is how to measure it. Measuring a pool table might seem very straightforward, but there are actually a few important things that you need to know here.

Let’s get right to it and figure out how to measure your pool table overall, how to measure for new felt, and how to measure for a pool table cover.

How to Measure a Pool Table

How to Measure Your Pool Table for Size in Feet

Before we tell you how to measure the pool table, it is important to note that there are four standard sizes of pool tables, particularly in the USA. These include 7-, 8-, 8.5- and 9-feet. This is important because when you go to measure your pool table, you actually only have to measure the width of it. Once you figure out what the width is, you will then be able to figure out what size of pool table you have.

Simply measure the shorter side of the pool table, or in other words, measure the width of the pool table. Remember that you only want to measure from rail to rail, not from the very outer edge to the other outer edge.

Now, if you got a measurement between 39 and 40 inches, then you have a 7-foot table. If you got 44 inches, you have an 8-foot table. In case you got 46.5 inches, you have an 8.5-foot pool table. If you got 50”, you have a 9’ table. Lastly, if you got over 50” for the rail to rail width measurement, you did something wrong…

Pool Table

How to Measure Pool Table Overall

Ok, so what is important to know here is that when you get a pool table, say one that is 7 feet, that measurement is actually for the playing surface, not the overall dimensions of the pool table. A 7 feet pool table will actually be about 7.75 feet long.

Generally speaking, you can expect the outer edges of the pool table to add anywhere from 0.5 to 1 inch in length to the playing surface. So, if you need to find out exactly how large the pool table in question is, so you can judge whether or not it will fit nicely into a certain space, you need to measure the whole thing.

To do this, simply measure the width and length of the table from one end to another, including the outer edges.

How to Measure Your Pool Table for Felt

Something that you may want to do is to replace the felt on your existing pool table, maybe because the existing felt has worn down or maybe because you just want your pool table to have the best felt possible. All you have to do to measure the playing area to determine the size of felt you need is to take a tape measure and measure the width of the pool table from one rail cushion peak to the other rail cushion peak.

Keep in mind that here we are measuring the width of the playing area. To determine the length, simply take the width measurement and multiply it by two. The length of a pool table’s playing area is always twice the width. If you don’t believe us, you can always measure it for yourself.

To help make your life a little bit easier, below we have listed the standard pool table sizes that you might find, particularly the regulation tables, as well as what size of felt that you will need to order for that specific size of pool table:

  •       39” x 78” – 7’ felt
  •       44” x 88” – 8’ felt
  •       46” x 92” – 8’ oversized felt
  •       50” x 100” – 9’ felt
  •       56” x 112” – 10’ felt
  •       66” x 132” – 12’ felt

One thing that you may be wondering about here is measuring the rails for the felt. Well, generally speaking, unless you go with a low-quality supplier, you will usually always get all of the extra felt that you need to cover the railings.

Pool Table Felt

How to Measure Your Pool Table for Cover

If you are buying a new pool table or fixing up an old one, something that you should absolutely do is to get a cover to protect it while it is not in use. It will keep the pool table in good condition, thus protecting your investment.

When it comes to measuring the pool table for a cover, you want to measure from one rail cushion apex to the other rail cushion apex. Do this to measure the width, and then simply double that measurement to get the length. Below, we have included a list of regulation size pool tables, as well as what size of cover to get:

  •       39” x 78” – 7’ cover
  •       44” x 88” – 8’ cover
  •       46” x 92” – 8’ oversized cover
  •       50” x 100” – 9’ cover
  •       56” x 112” – 10’ cover
  •       66” x 132” – 12’ cover

Pool Table Cover

Mistakes to Avoid, Tips & Tricks

Lastly, below are a few additional tips to make the measuring process smoother:

  • When using a tape measure to measure the playing surface of a pool table, you want to flip it upside down so that the little metal lip on the front faces upwards. This will allow the tape measure to be flush with the pool table, thus allowing for the highest degree of accuracy.
  • If you are in doubt, especially when it comes to ordering felt, it’s a good idea to give yourself some wiggle room, or in other words, order felt that is a few inches larger than your measurement. With the right tools, you can then always cut it down to size.
  • Remember that if you move a pool table to a new location, you will need to properly level it so that it is flat and even.
  • If you do not know what you are doing, don’t try to replace the felt on your pool table by yourself. This is actually quite a difficult task that requires a good deal of skill.


There you have it, people, everything you need to know about measuring the overall size of the pool table for a room, measuring the play area to determine the official size, as well as measuring for felt and a cover.

Remember folks, always measure twice!