How to Hang a Dartboard on a Concrete (or Brick) Wall

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Concrete and brick walls are of course some of the most durable walls out there. There’s not much else that is tougher than a solid slab of concrete. With that being said, if you are looking to hang up a dartboard on a concrete or brick wall, you might be having some issues.

After all, it’s not quite as easy as using a screwdriver to blast a couple of screws into a wooden wall. This is what we are here to help you figure out today.

How to Hang a Dartboard on a Concrete (or Brick) Wall

How to Hang a Dartboard on a Concrete Wall: Two Methods

You might be surprised to find out that hanging a dartboard on a concrete or brick wall can be done in various ways. The best solution is to get yourself an impact driver and attach the dartboard to the wall with some concrete screws.

However, you can also choose to use some super-strength adhesive to glue it to the concrete or brick wall. Both of these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, ones we will discuss in the respective sections, so choose wisely.

Method #1: Using Screws

If you are looking for a fairly permanent and secure way to hang your dartboard on that brick or concrete wall, using some power tools and specially designed concrete screws might be your best bet.

Now, this method is not overly easy to use, and it does require some special tools and equipment, but it does provide for an extremely secure fit.

Do however keep in mind that once you have drilled holes into the concrete, they will be there for good.

Let’s go through a step by step tutorial on this dartboard hanging method.

Step #1 – Make The Measurements: First off, you need to find the right height for the dartboard. The regulation here is that the bullseye of the dartboard should be 5’8” off the ground.

Step #2 – Determine the Number of Holes: Next, dartboards can be different from one another. Some have a single attachment point and some have multiple. So, this step involves figuring out how many holes you have to drill for your dartboard.

Step #3 – Mark the Holes: Once you have figured out how many holes you will need to drill, with the dartboard set in the right place, use some sort of pencil, pen, or chalk to mark the location of the holes you will be drilling.

Step #4 – Drill the Holes: Beware that for concrete walls, a simple drill will not do the job. You will need a hammer drill designed to drill holes in masonry. Using your drill and the correct bit (the size of the bit needs to match the size of the screws required for your dartboard), drill the appropriate amount of holes in the concrete or brick. Also, remember to only drill the holes as deep as the screws are long.

Step #5 – Screw It In: The final step here is to take your trusty masonry screws, place them through the appropriate holes in the dartboard, and then use a screwdriver to screw them into place. Make sure to tighten them enough so that the dartboard cannot wobble around.

Method #2: Using an Adhesive

The next method for hanging your dartboard on a concrete or brick wall involves using an epoxy or a super strength adhesive. This method is best if you don’t want to damage your concrete walls by drilling holes into them.

Now, using some sort of epoxy to hang your dartboard should be quite secure, although epoxy may wear down over time, especially with repeated impacts from heavy darts. In other words, you will want to use a lot of glue for this.

Moreover, while this method is very fast and easy, just remember that once the epoxy is dry, that’s it, it’s on there. Let’s go through a step by step guide on using epoxy to hang your dartboard from brick or concrete.

Step #1 – The Measurements: Just like with the previous method, you first want to find the correct placement for the dartboard. Refer to the first step of the first method for this. Once you have found the right position for your dartboard, use a pencil or some other tool to make a circular outline on the wall around the dartboard.

Step #2 – Prepping the Surface: Epoxy will stick best on a clean and dry surface. So, use a wet towel or cloth to wipe away any and all debris, then use a dry cloth to dry it off.

Step #3 – Dispense the Epoxy: Before you dispense the epoxy or adhesive, just make sure that it is a product which is ideal for use on concrete. Take your epoxy and put a generous amount of it just inside of that circular outline, all the way around, and then make a grid of glue inside of that circle.

If you add too much glue and it squishes out the sides when you put the dartboard on, you can always wipe it off before it dries. Remember that the dartboard will have to withstand repeated impacts, so you do want to use a generous amount of the adhesive.

 Step #4 – Press on the Dartboard: The final step, once the adhesive is in place, is to press the dartboard onto the adhesive and onto the wall. Make sure your dartboard is perfectly aligned as it should be, because once you press it on there, that’s it. You won’t be able to reposition it. Take the dartboard, press it on the wall, and hold it firmly in place. How long you will have to hold it there for will depend on the exact adhesive you have used.

Mistakes to Avoid, Tips, & Tricks

Let’s quickly go over some of the most important tips you need to follow in order to achieve the best results:

  • If using a drill, always wear ear plugs and goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris and your ears from the loud noise.
  • If using adhesive, always keep a damp cloth on hand so you can wipe away any excess before it dries.
  • Always wear gloves when using adhesive, as this stuff can easily bond to human skin.
  • Keep in mind that if you are using a really heavy dartboard, you will probably want to go for the screw-in method, as adhesive may not be able to deal with lots of weight and repeated impacts, particularly over a long period of time.
  • Whether you are using method #1 or #2, always measure twice, because once the dartboard is hung on the wall, repositioning it will be next to impossible.
  • You may want to use some sort of plywood or cardboard backing in between the dartboard and the wall, just to protect the wall and to keep the darts from hitting concrete.


The bottom line is that if you follow the methods, tips, and tricks which we have provided here today, you should have no problems securing a dartboard to a concrete or brick wall.

Just remember, measure twice!