8 Best Pool Table Brands in 2020

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If you’ve only ever played billiards occasionally, then you might not be as familiar with the intricacies of the game’s various components. But if you have a lot of experience with pool and other cue sports, then you likely know that everything from cue’s weight to the billiard balls’ material can impact gameplay noticeably.

In particular, those with a knowledge and appreciation for cue sports know that a quality pool table can go a long way towards a more enjoyable experience.

Best Pool Table Brands: Brunswick

Knowing that is one thing and acting on it is another. If you play pool in a public location, you probably don’t have much control over the type of table you play at. But if you’re planning on buying a pool table for your home, then you’ll have the ability to pick a model that meets your needs and your budget.

However, there are a lot of pool table brands out there today, making it hard to choose one or the other at a glance. This guide should help to make that process much easier by highlighting several of the best pool table brands available to professionals and amateurs alike.

By buying from one of these well-known pool table brands, you’re sure to find your pool playing experience improving from the ground up.

8 Best Pool Table Brands to Consider Buying in 2020

Let’s jump right into the list.


Without a doubt, Brunswick is one of the most recognizable and trusted names in the world of billiards. As such, it is no surprise that their tables have been among America’s favorites for much of their 170+ year history. Even many famous Americans have taken note of Brunswick’s quality and attention to detail.

In fact, by their own account, Abraham Lincoln even owned a Brunswick table at one point in his life.

Ever since their most prevalent period in the early 1900s, Brunswick has remained a leader in their industry. This is certainly true of their tables, which have always focused on maintaining the artistry and craftsmanship of their earliest models.

However, Brunswick isn’t afraid to innovate, either. This can be clearly seen in their Manhattan table, which hit the market in 2006. That affordable table leaned heavily into modern industrial minimalism and utilized a brush nickel design that surely disrupted the pool table market.

Presidential Billiards

Presidential Billiards has been gaining a more noteworthy reputation in recent years, not least because modern homeowners appreciate their wide variety of pool table designs.

This includes the Pierce and Reagan tables, which both streamline their design in order to blend in seamlessly with any home’s décor. Meanwhile, those looking for a focal point in their home can invest in a more ornate model, like the Brittany, Cape Town, or Monroe.

Presidential Billiards tables are about more than just looks, though.

They’re also built to provide a long-lasting, satisfying billiards playing experience. This can be felt in their slate surfaces, which are diamond-honed to ensure that they are perfectly even when they are mounted into place.

Meanwhile, every wood component on this brand’s tables is covered with a catalyzed lacquer that prevents it from degrading after years of use and contact.

Diamond Billiards

In terms of age, Diamond is a fairly new player in the billiards table industry. But just because they started back in 1987 does not mean that they are any less capable of creating a solid pool table.

In fact, since their introduction to the market, Diamond tables have been used in hundreds of tournaments around the US. Diamond takes what they learn from those tournament-level uses and incorporates those improvements back into all of their tables – even those for casual players.

To that end, Diamond currently separates their products into commercial and home tables.

On the commercial side, businesses can check out this brand’s Professional table. It has been designed for exceptional playability, in accordance with the Billiard Congress of America’s specifications. Meanwhile, this brand’s Paragon home table makes it affordable to pick up a stylish cherry wood table that doesn’t compromise when it comes to performance.


Olhausen has long called themselves the “best in billiards” right on their label. Such a title is well-earned based upon the overall quality of their assorted pool table lines. This includes their Select, Portland, and Americana series, which all utilize webbed pockets that provide a timeless feeling with each ball sunk.

Of course, Olhausen also offers their Modern and Tournament tables that tradeoff aesthetic style for an unbeatably balanced gameplay experience.

All of this quality and performance starts right here in the USA, where all of Olhausen’s tables are designed and manufactured. There, each table’s smooth slate surface is placed upon their patented Accu-Fast cushioning system. This cushion ensures that your table’s slate remains perfectly aligned, even after many decades of regular use.

Imperial USA

Imperial USA has built up its pool table brand around the idea of focusing on simplicity. As such, it’s no surprise that many of their most popular at-home pool tables make use of a minimalist design that doesn’t distract from the unit’s function.

At the same time, Imperial USA also makes some particularly durable models that are suitable for placement outdoors. With proper covering and protection during inclement weather, these metal tables can help bring the joy of billiards outside.

Also, Imperial USA has a little something for fans of NFL, MLB, NHL, and college sports. Specifically, this brand offers a line of billiards tables emblazoned with the colors and logos of many teams across these leagues. These tables make perfect additions to any in-home entertainment center or even within a business where patrons appreciate their favorite team’s imagery while playing pool.

Plank and Hide Co.

Plank and Hide Co. are not a billiard product-specific company. In truth, they are focused on making a wide variety of outdoor and indoor living products.

That’s certainly not a problem, though, given that many of their most popular tables are as aesthetically pleasing as they are affordable. Their Vintage and Classic series, for example, take the best parts of old fashioned pool tables and cut out the premium pricing.

Meanwhile, Plank and Hide Co. also offer an Industrial series of pool tables that are sure to exceed your expectations. To that end, these tables are all made from durable steel, allowing them to slot in nicely with a modern home aesthetic without being flimsy. All of these steel tables also come standard with a scratch-resistant finish that prevents them from showing wear, even after many years of use.


Hathaway has recently earned some spotlight for making it easy to fill out an in-home game room without breaking the bank. As such, they currently offer everything from air hockey tables to ping pong tables through a variety of national retailers.

As you’d expect, they also offer several stylish pool tables that are sure to add class to your game room. Their Augusta model is a perfect example of that constructive refinement, in fact.

Meanwhile, Hathaway is one of the only brands in this collection that sells a tabletop pool table. These units are ideal for folks who want to keep their game room options open while still enjoying a game of billiards every now and then.

These tables also come with everything needed to play, including balls and cues. As such, this brand is a great option for those looking to start playing pool at home in the near-term.


Connelly is yet another great option when shopping for pool tables by brand. Their broad catalogue offers professionals and amateurs alike an opportunity to make their pool table the center of attention in their home’s entertainment center.

To do that best, this brand’s Cochise and Catalina tables are solid picks that are sure to have guests asking about their origins.

By comparison, those looking to bring tournament-style pool home can pick up a Connelly Competition Pro. This table has been designed to match the balance and feel of pool tables used at the international level. As such, it can really help you go from an amateur to a skilled shooter in no time flat.

Which Brand Should You Go With?

You’ll have a lot to take into account when it comes time to choose a pool table brand.

After ensuring that your home even has space for a pool table in the first place, you should consider your budget. If you’re trying to keep your costs within reason, then Hathaway and Imperial USA are two brands that you should definitely check out.

Meanwhile, those who are willing to splurge for a top-tier table should keep Olhausen at the top of their list.

Beyond that, consider how much you intend to use your pool table.

If you’re only going to be playing casually, Plank and Hide Co. tables are a great way to entertain guests and family members. However, those who are looking to improve their game and eventually compete shouldn’t settle for anything less than a Brunswick table.


If it weren’t already clear, then you should now see just how many pool table brands are out there today.

Many of them claim to be “the best,” but only a few can truly claim that title based upon their construction, performance, and price.

Of course, there isn’t just one pool table brand to fit every home’s needs. With that in mind, you should now begin the process of researching deeper so that you can get your future pool table ordered without any further delay. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, you should also read our detailed comparison of Diamond, Brunswick, and Olhausen.