11 Best Pool Cue Racks to Get in 2020

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Organizing your pool gear using a pool cue rack not only adds aesthetic to an indoor game room but it also makes it easier for you to clean up after a game. When choosing a pool cue rack, it’s best to know what material is used and how it is mounted to the wall.

What we’re always looking for in a game room is simplicity and that’s why having a well-designed and durable pool cue rack can make a difference.

For those of you in a hurry and looking for a quick recommendation, check out our top pick: the Iszy Billiards Cue and Ball Rack.  It’s made of quality wood, with your choice of three finishes, and holds everything you will need for your pool table.


Top Pick

Iszy Billiards Cue and Ball Rack

A sophisticated, quality wood cue and ball rack that is wall-mounted. It holds up to ten pool cues, a set of balls, and even has a hook for a ball rack and a small drawer for other accessories. This product is our top pick.

My first choice is the Iszy Billiards Cue and Ball Rack which is made of quality wood with dimensions of 51 1/2 x 39 1/4 x 6 inches. You can also choose from different finishes, such as oak and mahogany, which allows you to choose which look fits best for your game room.

Each side holds five cues, ten in total, and it can hold a full set of pool balls on the middle shelves. There’s a place for the cone chalk on the topmost shelf, and there’s also a hook at the bottom to hang a ball rack. Moreover, there’s an additional small drawer on the lowest part for your smaller pool accessories, such as chalk.

Setup is as simple as most standard furniture – the shelves are held using two drywall screws. The elegant design complements most room themes and the whole rack doesn’t seem to be obtrusive with its width.

Things I Like About This Product: There’s a small drawer that can keep chalk and other small accessories. Compared to most cue racks, this can hold a lot of cue sticks at once.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: Unfortunately, the design doesn’t allow you to place a pool bridge. However, you can just take out the end of the bridge to place it alongside the other cue sticks.



Iszy Billiards Floor Stand

A simple, free-standing cue and ball rack that can accomodate up to ten cues, a set of balls, and hooks for ball racks. It also sports a rubber pad for beverages.

From the same manufacturer, the Iszy Billiards Stick & Ball Set Floor Stand is simply a floor stand version of the wall-mounted rack mentioned earlier. You can choose from mahogany, black, or an oak finish and it has a single shelf to hold an entire set of balls.

The two hooks on either side can be used to hang the ball racks and it holds up to ten cues in the rack. Each hole for the cues has rubber protection so that your cues won’t get damaged when they are taken out or returned to the rack.

Measuring 31 1/4 x 29 1/2 x 8 7/8 inches, the middle acts as a shelf to hold your chalk or to place your favorite drinks – and it won’t spill thanks to the rubber pad on the bottom. The rack allows you to remove the cues without hitting the ceiling – even for those with vaulted ceilings.  The whole structure weighs around fifteen pounds.

Things I Like About This Product: The height doesn’t make it difficult to take out each of the cues, even on vaulted ceilings. The middle area can be used either for pool chalk or your favorite drinks.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: Unfortunately, some of the holes may not be aligned perfectly on the back pieces, but keep in mind that this area is not displayed anyways.



Fat Cat 2-Piece Wall Mounted Pool Cue Rack

A space-saving and budget friendly wall mounted pool cue rack. It can accomodate most homes and ceilings, and has easy installation.

If you want a simple cue rack, you can just try the Fat Cat 2-Piece Wall Mounted Pool Cue Rack. The two-piece construction allows you to individually keep the cue sticks mounted to the wall, consisting of the holder and the base. The setup fits up to six cue sticks and has an oak finish but you can also buy one in mahogany that can handle up to eight cue sticks.

Due to the minimalist design, this one can fit into most homes in which a bulky pool cue rack might not be an option. The width of the whole cue rack is 14 1/4 inches and the material is made of hardwood that has a nice finish.

Because of the flexibility of installation, you can adjust it for junior sticks and other types of cues – even bridges! Setup can be quite easy for most people since you only need to drill the holes, screw the mount to the wall, and hammer the wall anchors in place.

Things I Like About This Product: It fits most homes and ceiling heights thanks to the easily modified installation. You can also use it to fit not just standard cue sticks, but also junior and other smaller sizes.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: It doesn’t come with extras such as ball holders and it doesn’t come with brass screws for installation (but you can easily grab those from a hardware store).


Premium Option

Fairview Game Rooms Corner-Style Pool Cue Stand

A luxurious and sleek corner-style pool cue and ball stand made from solid wood and a plethora of finishing options.

For those who like something a little extra classy, you might like the Fairview Game Rooms Corner-Style Pool Cue and Ball Stand. The sleek design can hold up to ten cue sticks and you can also use the hooks underneath for your ball rack(s). Plus, it has a unique design, and you can easily place it to the corner of any room without taking a lot of foot traffic.

There are also spots at the bottom for balls and other accessories, such as a table brush. What I like about this product is the plethora of finish options, such as mahogany, black, honey, chestnut, and oak. With dimensions of 15 1/2 x 15 1/2 x 32 inches, the cue rack weighs 23 pounds.

What makes it stand out from cheaper models is that it’s made with solid wood (not particle board). All you need is a Phillips-head screwdriver to set it up, which makes it more straightforward than other pool cue stands.

Things I Like About This Product: The corner design allows you to fit it into areas without taking too much foot traffic.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: It might not be that ideal for ceilings that are lower than 84 inches, but even so, you can just remove the cue sticks from the top if need be.


Worth Considering

Iszy Billiards Wall Rack with Clock

A unique wall-mounted pool cue rack that can hold up to eight cues, a set of balls, ball racks and other accessories. It comes with a novelty pool ball clock.

A unique addition to any game room would be the Iszy Billiards Stick & Ball Wall Rack with Clock. Not only does it have spaces for a set of balls and eight cue sticks but it also has a wall clock (battery-operated) with a pool ball and felt table design!

Measuring 34 1/4 x 31 x 2 3/4 inches, this cue rack also has two hooks at the bottom for ball racks while the two drawers at the bottom can fit chalks and other small accessories. It is available in black, oak, and mahogany finishes and it is made of 100% wood (not particle board) for durability and an authentic look for any game room.

Things I Like About This Product: I like the added clock in the middle, which adds a nice decorative touch for any game room.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: A minor note that you need to buy the AA battery for the clock separately.


Worth Considering

Billiards Xpress Pool Cue Rack

A simple and easily-accessible pool wall mounted cue rack that holds all the essentials- pool cues, a set of balls, a rack, and chalk.

Bearing a simple design, the Billiards Xpress Pool Cue Rack can hold all sixteen balls and a total of six cue sticks. What’s different about this rack compared to the others above, is that the triangle or ball rack holder is at the top so you can easily access it (compared to all others storing it at the bottom of the rack).

I also like that the mounting isn’t easily visible which brings a clean design and that it has extra coats of stain finish. Moreover, the cue rack comes with freebies – a six-pack of chalk bundle. This game room pool cue rack measures 28 1/4 x 27 1/4 x 2 3/4 inches when assembled.

To keep the mounting process secure, it uses L-type brackets with the option to add triangle mounts. You can also choose between black and mahogany finishes to fit your room decor.

Things I Like About This Product: This product’s wall attachment looks exceptionally durable, with the L-type brackets that can be used together with the triangle mounts. I also like that you can easily reach for your triangle ball rack at the top instead of an awkward position at the bottom.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: Some may find the instructions a bit tricky to follow, but the design of the cue rack makes it a little more straightforward to assemble than others. You can just email the manufacturer for a clearer manual if needed.


Worth Considering

Iszy Billiards Stand for 8 Cues

A free-standing corner-style pool cue rack that holds up to eight pool cues and nicely displays a set of balls and a pool rack. Also comes with easy assembly.

Yet another corner rack option for those with limited space is this one by Iszy. It measures 30 1/2 X 15  X 15 inches and comes in mahogany, oak, and black finishes depending on your preferences. What I like is that the construction is pure wood (not MDF).

You can fit eight cue sticks into the slots, a full set of balls, and the ball racks at the corner front. It’s height is just right, accommodating ceilings that are about eight and a half feet high, allowing you to easily draw the cue sticks out.

The design of the ball rack hanger also makes it easier to access, just like with the previous pick. The curved design of the rack adds both safety and appeal to any man cave or game room. You don’t need to fuss with washers and nuts when assembling this one, making setup quite a breeze.

Things I Like About This Product: Aside from the simple assembly, the corner design makes it ideal for smaller spaces. Also the position of the hanger makes it easy to grab the ball rack during play.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: Folks who don’t like putting two ball racks over one another might not like the design.


Worth Considering

Rush Creek Creations Rustic Billiard Cue Storage Rack

A solid pine pool cue rack that fits a set of balls and up to six pool cues, and also features four drink holders.

If you prefer a natural wood finish for your pool cue rack then the Rush Creek Creations Rustic Billiard Cue Storage Rack will catch your eye. It is handcrafted from solid pine wood and can fit up to six cue sticks and the sixteen standard playing balls at the bottom. Measuring 26.5 x 8.6 x 28.75 inches when put together, the design is a great addition to any rustic-themed game room or man cave.

You can enjoy a drink or beer while playing thanks to its four drink holders. The design is so simple that you don’t need any tools to put it together. With its raw finish, you can choose to sand it a little and have it stained according to your preference, which makes it customizable.

Things I Like About This Product: I really like the four drink holders – always nice to have a drink or beer while playing (and not damage your tables or risk spillage).

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: In rooms with uneven tiles or flooring,  you might need to put something under the legs to keep it from wobbling. However, this is a given drawback since the cue rack is hand-crafted. It also doesn’t have a hook for the triangle ball rack.


Worth Considering

Iszy Billiards Revolving 9 Pool – Billiard Stick Cue Rack

A round revolving pool cue rack with a black finish that holds nine cues and up to three beverages.

The rounded design of the Iszy Billiards Revolving Cue Rack is something unique from the picks above. Accommodating up to nine cue sticks, this rack measures 32 3/4 x 14 1/2 x 16 inches and is available in different finishes. Since it has no feet at the bottom (it lays flat), you can worry less about the product falling over and it’s a better option for carpeted floors.

Since you can spin this floor rack around, grabbing a cue stick is less of a hassle. There are also rubber grommets on each hole to protect each of the cue sticks from physical damage. Additionally, the minimalist design makes it easy to fit into small to medium-sized rooms.

Things I Like About This Product: You can spin it around – a unique feature not seen in other pool cue racks and can help you easily grab your preferred cue stick.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: It doesn’t have a triangle ball rack holder and it can only hold a few pool balls.


Worth Considering

Viper 2-Piece Traditional Pool Cue Rack

A simplistic wall-mounted pool cue rack for up to eight pool cues, made of solid oak.

The Viper 2-Piece Traditional Pool Cue Rack is yet another minimalistic design for those with limited space or if you just want a simple cue rack that works. You can place up to eight cue sticks onto this wall-mounted setup, which is made of durable solid oak. The rack also comes with all the mounting hardware needed.

This handmade product may appeal to buyers who want a rustic look for their man cave or game room. It has also been finished with four coats of polyurethane to protect it against scratches and other damages. For standard cue sticks, the installation of the two parts should be 42 inches away from each other to fit the cue(s).

The stick holes are also big enough to avoid scratches. What I like about this stand is that there is an option to mount it low for those who have lower ceilings.

Things I Like About This Product: You can adjust how high or low to mount the cue rack to the wall – great for low ceilings. The minimalist design is non-obtrusive.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: Since the screws need to be installed at the bottom, it might not be as stable as other cue racks. However, you can bypass this problem by turning it over, so that the screwed part is at the top (although then you can see the screws).


Worth Considering

Viper Hardwood Corner Floor Pool Cue Rack

A corner-style pool cue rack that holds all the essentials: ten pool cues, a full set of balls, a triangle rack, cone chalk and four beverages.

The Viper Hardwood Corner Floor PoolCue Rack is yet another suggestion if you prefer a cue rack that doesn’t make the room look smaller. With its corner design, this holder can handle up to ten sticks at a time and has extra space for a full set of balls. There is also extra space for four beverage cups, cone chalk, and a hook for your triangle rack.

Its solid hardwood (not particle board) with an oak finish is a great look for many game rooms. It has a height of 29 inches and a width of 22 inches. I also like this cue rack’s triangle rack hook because it is at the front for easy access.

Things I Like About This Product: It has beverage holders, has an easy-access triangle rack hook, and is simple to store thanks to the corner design.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: The height might be challenging for ceilings lower than eight feet.

The Methodology: What I Considered When Picking the Pool Cue Racks Featured Above

To help you get a better idea of how I picked the pool cue racks mentioned above, I listed the criteria that I based my decision on the following factors.


Solid wood is a good choice for pool cue racks because particle board not only looks cheap, but it’s also not a durable material for long-term use. Finishes can be chosen for most pool cue racks out there, so you can easily match the style to your existing game room or man cave.

Number of Cue Sticks

Consider how many cue sticks you intend to keep in your pool cue rack. Fortunately, I picked racks here that can house six to eight sticks at once.

Space for Other Pool Accessories

While our main concern is having a place for cue sticks, let’s also keep in mind other pool accessories, such as balls, bridge, chalk, and even ice-cold beverages.

Best Pool Cue Racks [Reviews & Buyer's Guide]

Ease of Setup

Having a simple setup for a cue rack is important. Most wall-mounted racks can be a bit tricky to assemble, but they can be modified depending on your ceiling height. On the other hand, floor stand racks might be more ideal for those with higher ceilings.


Many of my picks here are designed to fit into corners, which can be great if you want to save space in your game room. Some of them are also two-piece construction so fitting them into small rooms can be a breeze.


If you’re looking for a rack that can fit up to ten cue sticks at once, you might want to go for the Iszy Billiards Cue and Ball Rack. While this is my top pick for a wall-mounted rack, you can also consider the Billiards Xpress Pool Cue Rack.

For a minimalist setup, I’d recommend these two-piece wall-mounted racks: this one by Fat Cat and the Viper 2-Piece Traditional Pool Cue Rack.

Finally, if you prefer quality floor stands, this one by Iszy is worth looking at.