15 Best Board Games for 8 to 10 Players

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When it comes to having fun with friends and family, video games just don’t cut it, especially for large groups of people. Moreover, even with board games, there are really not all that many which can be played by as many as ten people, but of course, there are still some great ones to consider.

Today, we want to take a quick look at the very best board games that can be played by at least eight people. Now, the selection here is not massive, so we did include a few card games as well. Don’t worry though, because we are focusing on the best of the best!

Best Board Games for 8 to 10 Players

1. Pictionary

Pictionary Quick Drawing Board & Guessing Game for Family, Kids, Teens & Adults, with Dry Erase Boards, Special Markers & Clue Cards with a Unique Catch-All Category [Amazon Exclusive] When it comes down to it, one of the oldest, best, and most popular games for large groups of people is Pictionary. Pictionary is played by drawing a card with a specific word on it. This could be a person, place, thing, or action.

The player with the card must then draw the word on paper using images. Of course, writing the word itself is not allowed. It’s all about drawing pictures so that the other players can guess what it is. Pictionary generally requires at least four players, or two teams of two, but can be played by as many people as you see fit.

You could play it with a group of 20 people if you want. The really cool thing about Pictionary is that it is great for adults and children alike. As long as people like to draw pictures and guess clues, then Pictionary will always be a big hit.

2. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Bezier Games One Night Ultimate Werewolf When it comes to party games that can be played by up to ten people, One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a fan favorite. That said, just beware that this is more of a party game for adults, not a child-friendly family game.

Each player is assigned a specific role, and of course, nobody else knows what that role is. Some people will be designated as werewolves, with the aim being to figure out who the werewolves are.

This game is all about asking questions and accusing other players, and there is no real way of knowing who is telling the truth, something that makes this game very interesting.

It’s all about being able to tell when your friends are lying or bluffing. It’s an action-packed game that always results in a room full of excitement and conversation.

3. The Resistance

The Resistance (The Dystopian Universe) If you want to play a board game that is all about lying, trickery, deception, and subterfuge, then this game is right for you.

Without getting into too much detail, this five- to ten-player game is all about a horrible government trying to take over the world, a resistance group bent on ending the tyrannical rule of the government, and a group of government spies looking to eliminate the resistance. So, who are the spies and who is a part of the resistance?

This is a pretty strategy-heavy game too, one that requires a good deal of bluffing and deception. That said, what people also really like about this game is that it is very easy to play, at least for adults, although it’s not really meant for kids.

4. Dixit Odyssey

Asmodee Dixit: Odyssey Expansion Game This is one of Europe’s most popular games, one that has received Germany’s coveted Game of the Year award. Now, there are various newer versions and expansions available, but the general consensus is that this particular version from 2011 is by far the best.

This game can be played by anywhere from three to twelve players, and it can be played by relatively young kids, as it is not too difficult. Gameplay is quite simple.

Each round, a player is designated as a storyteller, and he or she must tell a story that describes the word or phrase on one of the cards in their hands. The other players must then choose a card from their own hands that best matches the story told.

The cards are then all shuffled and revealed, with each player trying to guess which of the story teller’s card was being talked about. It’s a simple yet action-packed guessing game that involves a good bit of common sense.

5. Apples to Apples

Mattel Apples to Apples Party Box The Game of Crazy Combinations Here we have an outrageously funny board game that is ideal for people of all ages, whether four or forty years old. Apples to Apples has you draw five red apple cards at the beginning of the game, each with specific words or phrases on them.

Each round, a designated player draws a green apple card with a descriptive word on it and lays the card on the table. Each player has to choose one of their five red apple cards to match with the green apple card, the one that matches the best.

A designated judge will then choose which player has made the best word combination, who then gets to keep the green apple card. The first player to collect four green apple cards is the winner. Keep in mind that Apples to Apples is designed for between four and ten players.

6. Where I Dream

Where I Dream is another super fun game that works well as both a party game for adults and as a family game, one that can be played by four to ten players. Each turn, a player puts on a blindfold, the so-called “dreamer”.

The other players then draw cards. Each card has a picture that the “good spirits” must describe to the dreamer, and the dreamer has to guess what the picture is.

There are also players who are “bad spirits”, which provide the dreamer with false clues with the aim of confusing the dreamer, but of course, who is a bad spirit and who is a good spirit is not known.

7. Jax Sequence

SEQUENCE- Original SEQUENCE Game with Folding Board, Cards and Chips by Jax ( Packaging may Vary ) White, 10.3" x 8.1" x 2.31" If it is a simple yet fast-paced game that you want to play, one that is ideal for children and adults alike, and can be played by anywhere from two to twelve players, then Jax Sequence is a great one to look into.

This is like a mix between Jax, Connect Four, and Poker. You get five cards in your hands, and you get to draw a new card each round. The aim is to play a card and place your chip on the corresponding spot on the game board, so the nine of hearts for instance.

The aim of the game is to make a solid sequence of five cards, something like a royal flush. If you like poker, then chances are pretty big that you will like this game too.

8. Ricochet Robots

Ricochet Robots Ricochet Robots allows up to 12 people to play at once, and it is a family-friendly game, although the minimum age for play is ten years old. Now, this game is kind of like a mix between a puzzle and a board game.

The board takes the shape of a large room with plenty of walls and paths (kind of like the Labyrinth game). There are then four robots placed on the board. The aim of the game is for each player to get his or her robot to get to a target designated at random.

The tricky part is that once a robot starts moving in a specific direction, it will continue moving until it hits a wall or another robot, hence the name Ricochet Robots. What needs to be said is that this game can actually be quite tricky.

9. What’s Yours Like?

What's Yours Like? This is a really fun game to play for four or more people, and realistically, as many people as want can play at once. The game is actually very simple and straightforward. It’s not a board game per se, but a really fun card game.

You have to draw a card that contains some kind of word, a descriptive word or a body part that applies to humans, which you then have to describe without saying the actual word, and people have to guess what it is. Your word could be “laugh”, which you could describe as “mine sounds like a witch cackle”.

10. Secret Hitler

If you like politics, particularly politics centered around 1930s Nazi Germany, then this game could be right for you. Now, for obvious reasons, this game is not child-friendly, and moreover, not only is the theme of the game not super child-friendly, but it’s also just quite a hard game to play.

It really is meant for adults, but it is cool because it can be played by up to ten people. Due to the theme, it is a very politically charged game, one that might not be ideal for everybody.

That said, for people who like deceit and subterfuge, Secret Hitler can be plenty of fun. One player is Secret Hitler, the others are either fascists or liberals, with the fascists attempting to help Hitler come to power, the liberals trying to thwart his evil plan. Secret Hitler doesn’t know who the fascists are.

11. Codenames

Czech Games Codenames Multi, Standard Codenames is a really interesting game that can be played by a minimum of two people and up to eight (not ten), but it is a really fun game so we decided to include it anyway. It’s all about guessing the names of the 25 agents of a certain color based on the clues provided by the team’s respective spymasters.

The game itself is not overly hard, although we probably won’t be recommending it for young kids.

12. The Pit Game

Winning Moves Games The Pit Game - Deluxe Ok, so this game is technically for three to eight players, not for ten, but it’s super fun so we could not leave it out. The pit game is all about cornering the market.

There are 74 cards divided into various commodities categories, with the aim of each round being for a player to collect all of the cards of the same commodities, things like corn, coffee, barley, and more.

There is a silver bell included and players trade with each other, shouting and hollering their bids to buy the best cards to win the hand. This game makes it feel like you are on the ground floor of the New York Stock Exchange. It’s wild!

13. What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme? Core Game - The Hilarious Adult Party Game for Meme Lovers This is a really fun party game for adults, and yes, it focuses on memes. Memes have become very popular over the last decade or so, making them ideal to incorporate into games. This particular game requires at least three people and can handle as many as 12 or more.

Here, you get funny picture cards and phrase or caption cards. The aim is for each player to match a picture and phrase/caption to make the funniest meme. The winner of each round is chosen by a rotating judge. It’s simple, it’s stupid, and it’s tons of fun.

14. Taboo

Hasbro Gaming Taboo Party Board Game With Buzzer for Kids Ages 13 and Up (Amazon Exclusive) Taboo is another really fun game that can be played by four or more people, another guessing game. Here, a player draws a card that has a specific word on it.

The player then has to describe the said word without using the so-called taboo words, and other players must then guess what the word is. For instance, the word could be lion, and the taboo words could be feline, cat, jungle, and safari.

It’s quite an interesting game indeed.

15. Blurt

Educational Insights Travel Blurt! Game While Blurt is technically not a board game, more of a card game, it can be played by as many people as you deem fit. Yes, a minimum of three people is required, but the upper limit is more or less infinite.

It’s a very simple game. A player draws a card, which could contain the word “raisin”, and that player must then provide clues, such as “dried up grape”. The first person to blurt out the right answer is the winner of that round.


There you have it folks, a big list of board games, and a couple of card games, that can be played by large groups of people. Whether you want kid-friendly family games or adult-oriented party games, our list has them all.

Just remember to have fun!