Atomic Blazer Air Hockey Table Review: Worth Getting?

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Entertainment at home, whether it’s for the kids or your man cave, can be leveled up with a quality air hockey table like the Atomic Blazer 7-Foot Air Hockey Table. This arcade game table will be the center of fun in your home game room or a recreational stress reliever for an office setting.

If you want to know the features, specs, pros, and cons, read my review below to find out more and decide for yourself.


Product Review
Atomic Blazer Air Hockey Table Review

Atomic Blazer 7-Foot Air Hockey Table

A sleek, full-sized air hockey table perfect for game rooms or office spaces. This durable table is great for children and adults alike, and contains a powerful 120V motor for high-quality gameplay. On top of that it features electronic scoring, and leg levers for convenient fun anywhere.


As an electronic-scoring air hockey table, this model can be used at home or in an office setting for recreation purposes. It is the standard size for most air hockey tables and has a minimalist design that will match nearly any interior décor.


Measuring seven feet wide, this air hockey table is powered by a 120V blower to ensure that the play surface stays even (and the game stays fair). If you’re worried about uneven flooring affecting gameplay, you can use the leg levelers to adjust, which are neatly hidden at the bottom.

The dimensions of the air hockey table are 84 x 48 x 32 inches when assembled. It also comes with 3-inch black pucks and four black pushers/strikers that are ready to be used.


Atomic offers a warranty for this table as long as you keep it stored in a temperature-controlled room (e.g. away from outdoor elements). For the detailed warranty policy, it is best to contact the manufacturer.

Nonetheless, Atomic provides a well-built product so you don’t need to worry about the manufacturer’s warranty. And due to the wide design of the legs, there is added support, which l helps to prevent the table from toppling over, a particularly valuable feature for those purchasing the unit for kids to play with.

Players Using the Atomic Blazer Table


Like most beginner and casual air hockey tables out there that you can set up at home, this unit is made of MDF wood, so it’s not too heavy to lift but still packs some weight to it. A sturdy weight is important so that it doesn’t topple over during play.

The design is minimalistic with its black and white tone which makes it a great pick for those who live in modern apartments, condo units, or homes.

Assembling the Atomic air hockey table isn’t too difficult since it has simple parts. You may need someone to help put the legs if you can’t flip the whole table over yourself, but that’s a small adjustment to make for a sturdy unit that won’t budge during gameplay.


When it comes to playing with the air hockey table, due to the adjustable leg levelers and the standard width and size, the air hockey table seems to be suitable for most players 8-years-old and above, so long as they are tall enough to use it.

While it is true that nearly every air hockey table can get scratched over time from use and fierce competition, this Atomic table seems durable due to the thicker MDF material. The thick MDF rails and overhang rails help control the puck to avoid accidents when hitting too hard.

Should You Buy the Atomic Blazer 7-Foot Air Hockey Table?

For casual players and beginners, the Atomic Blazer 7-Foot Air Hockey Table is a good starter unit– a great addition to any home game room or office rec area. Moreover, the easy assembly will make it a great gift for Christmas or birthdays for kids or teens.

If you are still unsure about the decision, go through the below list of the pros and cons of the table.

Pros of the Product

Let’s start with the positive points.

It has leg levelers.

This is helpful for uneven surfaces and flooring, especially since not all houses are built the same. The levelers are also discreetly hidden in plain sight.

It has electronic scoring.

The electronic scoring system is a convenient feature to keep track of the score quickly and accurately, unlike with manual scoring. You can easily view your score as well.

The overhang rails help keep the puck inside.

The MDF rails are thicker than most air hockey tables plus the added overhang rails keep the puck from bouncing around too much (and from flying off the hockey table).

You can place a table tennis top over it.

For small rooms, apartment dwellers, and condo units, you can use a table tennis conversion top (sold separately) to save space and get the most fun out of your game unit.

Atomic Blazer Air Hockey Table Kit

Cons of the Product

On the other hand, while it has good points, the product does have some small disadvantages.

The table has minor dead spots on slow hits.

Although you might not experience it, if the kids hit the puck slowly, they could potentially hit a dead spot somewhere on the table. This is because some areas on the surface of the table are not evenly supported by the 120V fan. You could, however, counteract this problem by adjusting the leg levelers.

The scorekeeper requires batteries.

While this is not a nuisance to some, it is an added step during set-up and a feature that will require maintenance during long term use. While the air hockey table is a plug-in gaming setup for the blower motor, four AA batteries are still needed for the scorer to work.

Atomic Blazer 7’ Air Hockey Table with Electronic Score Keeping with Rail-integrated Display, Heavy-duty 120V Blower for Fast Play, Overhang Rails for Reduced Puck Bounce and Leg Levelers to Ensure Even Playing Surface

What Are the Alternatives to the Atomic Blazer Air Hockey Table?

Fat Cat Volt 7’ LED Illuminated Air Hockey Table with Dual Motor Action for Faster Play, Automatic Scoring and Integrated Light System That Takes Game Play to The Next Level If you want to check out similar air hockey tables from the same manufacturer, you can try the Atomic 8-Foot Air Hockey Table. A notable difference with this one is that it is longer and has LED scoreboard and goal lights, which are premium features that make it slightly pricier as well. The legs are individual squares but still have leg levelers.

You can also check out the Fat Cat Volt 7-Foot Air Hockey Table, which is at a similar length and also with automatic electronic scoring. It has similar legs to the Atomic air hockey table yet this one has LED lights on the sides.

For those who prefer a manual scoring system, the Valley-Dynamo Arctic Wind 7-Foot Air Hockey Table may be the choice for you. Its blower is low on noise and it also has aluminum rails on the sides.

Separately, you might also want to check our article about the best air hockey tables.


To wrap it up, the Atomic Blazer Air Hockey Table is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a simple gaming table to upgrade your recreation room, office space, or your kids’ playroom. It has most of the standard quality specs and will last for a long time with proper assembly and care.

The simplicity of the design also makes for a speedy setup.


Product Review

Atomic Blazer 7-Foot Air Hockey Table

A sleek, full-sized air hockey table perfect for game rooms or office spaces. This durable table is great for children and adults alike, and contains a powerful 120V motor for high-quality gameplay. On top of that it features electronic scoring, and leg levers for convenient fun anywhere.